Summer 2021 (June, July, August) Retrospective

A look back in hopes to inform a way forward.

Excuses, Excuses …

My first focus will be the lack of progress working on my web app, Revenue Rabbit. Life got in the way. I was very fortunate to be vaccinated against Covid-19 in early May which gave me more freedom to get out of the house. I took tennis lessons and started playing regularly with a new group of friends. I felt so fortunate to host five sets of out-of-town guests and spend a weekend in Colorado Springs and Steamboat for fun. I am thankful for maskless visits with my son, too. Admittedly, it was a bit sad to lose momentum on my web app, but so joyful to expand my life experiences after the threat of Covid-19 relaxed a bit.

Summer 2021 Revenue Rabbit Progress

  • Launched the free version of Revenue Rabbit for business, personal, and teaching.
  • Added i18n including currency display for the dollar, euro, pound, rupee, and yen.
  • Launched a discord server called, FriendsOfSaaSApps. The goal is to set up a safe place for SaaS builders to give and get feedback on their apps. Please let me know if you want an invite! I wrote a blog post, Strategies for Setting Up a Small SaaS Community on a Discord Server, sharing details on my discord server setup strategy.
  • Implemented feedback from a FriendsOfSaaSApps member. (my daughter!)
  • Added more Revenue Rabbit tests including tests for production.
  • Made my first loom video to explain Revenue Rabbit features.
  • In the spirit of content marketing, posted my first Revenue Rabbit website blog post, Virtual Accounts: Try Buckets Not Physical Bank Accounts.
  • Supported Sam as he worked on the efmrl throttle feature needed for subscriptions.
  • Revenue Rabbit Analytics is showing a total of 96 users in the last 28 days which I am certain includes runs of my test suite. So, that number probably is higher than it should be!
  • Both Google Search Console and Bing are showing very few impressions and clicks which could be telling me many things. For now, I will try to improve SEO, content quality, and marketing in hopes of helping the Revenue Rabbit cause.

Google Analytics Snapshot

Google Search Console Snapshot

Bing Search Console Snapshot

Fall Goals

  • Launch a subscription version of Revenue Rabbit.
  • Promote FriendsOfSaaSApps discord channel and focus on giving feedback to others.
  • Add Revenue Rabbit Indie Hackers product page and start a routine of posting milestones.
  • Post on the Revenue Rabbit twitter account.
  • Write monthly Revenue Rabbit blog posts.
  • Focus on Indie Hackers, Product Hunt, Reddit, and Facebook groups.

Fall Schedule

This Fall, I plan to continue working on my computer a minimum of 20 hours a week ( 4 hours a day 5 days a week ). In the past, I have made the most progress sticking to this schedule. It seems like a minimal amount of time, but for me it is enough time to log a daily win and keep me moving forward.

Moving forward

When you get stuck, what do you do to keep momentum going? I need all the help I can get, so please let me know. Also, you might like my blog post, Revenue Rabbit: My First Indie Product’s Backstory.