Fall 2021 (September, October, November) Retrospective

Let’s focus on the positive.


For the Fall quarter summary, I will focus on the positives. My main goal was to get the subscription version of Revenue Rabbit working. I felt that once I got that running, the other Fall goals would fall into place. Sam and I have made progress on being able to spawn a RevenueRabbit.app domain. Then, call stripe to get funds after a user has purchased one.

Fall 2021 Revenue Rabbit Progress

  • Continued fixing production tests broken due to user’s bucket choice (business, personal, or teaching).
  • In the spirit of content marketing, posted a second Revenue Rabbit blog post, Revenue Rabbit: Start Teaching Personal Finances to Children Early and Often.
  • Developed a revenue rabbit pricing launch page including a direction for integrating stripe.
  • Contributed to efmrl including adding an app’s preferred wildcard domain. So, if a user buys a revenue rabbit app, the URL will be like abc.RevenueRabbit.app.
  • Contributed to some efmrl bug fixes.
  • Started Monica Lent’s SEO For Devs - Free 2-Week Course.
  • Started Dickie Bush’s Ship 30 for 30, 7 lesson Email Course.
  • Revenue Rabbit Analytics is showing a total of 27 users outside the US in the last 90 days. The United States users include runs of my test suite. So, the US number is way higher than it should be!
  • Both Revenue Rabbit Google Search Console and Bing are showing very few impressions and clicks which could be telling me many things. After completing Revenue Rabbit subscriptions, I will try to improve SEO, content quality, and marketing in hopes of helping the Revenue Rabbit cause.

Google Analytics Snapshot

Google Search Console Snapshot

Bing Search Console Snapshot

Winter 2021/2022 Goals

  • Launch a subscription version of Revenue Rabbit.
  • Finish fixing production tests broken due to user’s bucket choice (business, personal, or teaching).
  • Complete Monica Lent’s course, “SEO For Devs”.
  • Complete Dickie Bush’s course, “Ship 30 for 30, 7 lessons”.
  • Add Revenue Rabbit Indie Hackers product page and start a routine of posting milestones.
  • Post on the Revenue Rabbit Twitter account.
  • Write monthly Revenue Rabbit blog posts.
  • Focus on Indie Hackers, Product Hunt, Reddit, and Facebook groups.

Winter Time Management

I borrowed Eat That Frog from the library a second time this month. Now, I daily look for my frog and do that task first. I love the idea that the first thing you do every day can change your life and have a positive impact. To improve my time management, my plan is to keep reading the book and keep implementing the strategies.

A Look into the Future

This quarter we took a vacation with the idea of using it as a digital nomad trial. I wrote up a blog post with some thoughts entitled, Tips For A Camping Van Rental Adventure. I am really interested in the intersection of travel and work and how blending them could create a more interesting life. Does anyone else feel the same way? Please don’t hesitate to check in with me on Twitter at @ardith_falkner.


  • Featured photo taking in Winter Park, CO during our 2021 Fall Camper Van trip.